1. Neptune's Dream (Original Music for relaxing!)

  2. Life Goes On (written on 9/11/2001)

  3. Sweet Time (written for my two sons)

  4. Shoe Store Angel (Irma)

  5. I'll Never Stop Missing You

  6. Recovering: all ios apps & blue tooth keyboard

  7. Chasing A Moment: Tongue Pan and NA Flute

  8. Sleep of Angels: Tongue Drum & NA Flute

  9. Beauty Under Scar: Duet for Baritone Dulcimers

  10. The Spirit Inside : 12 string guitar & 3 NA Flutes

  11. Listening To The Snow

  12. Reborn

  13. It's Never Too Late: Electronic Power Ballad

  14. The Gift: Dulcimer and NA Flute 432Hz

  15. Legacy : Original song with words and music

  16. In The Morning Light : **Full Album**Original Songs for Native American Flute

  17. Remembering You (Guitar and NA Flute)

  18. Mystical Waters: Duet with Chimes & NA Flute

  19. Living In A Pipe Dream: NA Flute & Chimes

  20. Mid Day Escape: NA Flute and iPad Synth

  21. Talking With Mother Earth: NA flute and Thunder and Rain

  22. Giddy Up Time is Awaiting

  23. Spectral HeartBeat (Korg Kross and NA FLute)

  24. To Dream In Peace: NA Flute in F#m

  25. In The Morning Light: NA Flute Music

  26. Until The Rain Stops: Native American Flute Song

  27. Out From The Shadows: (Full Album) Native American Flute and more!

  28. "Peaceful" (Full Album) Original Native American Flute Music for Relaxation and Meditation

  29. Take Me Across The River (Out From The Shadows): Acoustic Guitar and NA Flute

  30. The Call in The Night Gm Drone Flute

  31. The Lone Wolf: Native American Drone Flute Improv

  32. A Simple Fate: Dulcimer and Native American Flute

  33. Changes In The Air: Dulcimer and NA Flute

  34. The One Who Dances In the Rain played on Laughing Crow NA Flute

  35. Imminent Rain: improv on Rick Heller NA Flute

  36. Trust In The Breeze: NA Flute and Dulcimer

  37. Reflections: Native American Flute and Dulcimer

  38. Reconciliation In The Wind: NA Flute and Synth

  39. A Time To Laugh and a Time to Cry

  40. Meeting of Minds

  41. Finding My Peace

  42. Melancholy Meditation

  43. Song for Heaven (original NA flute song)

  44. Wayfaring Stranger on Native American Flute and Dulcimer

  45. The Rain Inside My Heart

  46. Sweet Song of the River by Maria Calfa-DePaul

  47. Music, Sweet Music copyright 2010

  48. Work In Progress copyright 2016

  49. JDX-I Can't Stop Dancing: Live Improv

  50. Bittersweet singer/songwriter dulcimer song

  51. Meanderings: Original Dulcimer/synth piece

  52. A Different Fate: original Dulcimer song

  53. RPM Challenge 2014

  54. One Breath, One Life

  55. Reaching Out From The Valley

  56. Little Bits of Love


Maria Calfa-DePaul New York, New York

Maria Calfa-DePaul has been writing music for over 35 years using a variety of instruments. She is a singer/songwriter as well as an instrumental composer. She has begun a journey playing and writing on the mountain dulcimer and the Native American Flute. She has been featured on a variety of blogs and web sites including: Discchord, Palm Sounds, and Myer's Pickups and other blogs. ... more

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